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When you think of all the technological advances that have permeated the world we live in in the last ten years or so, you may think of such greats as Apple, Google, Facebook or Amazon to name a few. But I believe that the leader of the pack in so many respects is WordPress.  Since its first appearance in 2003, it has grown to such monumental proportions that it is now the platform of choice for over 60 million websites on the internet. What makes it such a technological phenomenon is its ability to be an unlimited platform of creativity; no limits, no boundaries and nothing really that it can’t do.  For the creative genius blossoming within all of us, it offers so many opportunities to take an idea to a global audience and community interconnected to the world wide web.

From its earliest days as a creative medium for the “blogger” it has expanded to facilitate such big-time companies as Disney, The New Yorker, Facebook news room, Tech Crunch, PlayStation and BBC America. With over 29, 000 plug ins it has also facilitated a Universe of other creatives eager to connect to the WordPress platform and share their passion with likeminded creatives.

From my own personal perspective as a website developer, I have yet to find any limit or functionality that WordPress has been unable to overcome.  In 2015, I was asked by a client to develop a website that could facilitate a library of Obestetric Sonography resources to be accessed via a membership purchase process. By the end of 2016 this website had slowly grown and developed to consist of over 1700 images, 600 videos and content of 294 pages.  In August 2017, it grew even bigger to now include an online course that provided professional development points for Australian sonographers.  Wordpress is literally an unlimited potential available to anyone with a passion and urge to share their knowledge such as the Obstetric Sonography visionary and founder, Samantha Ward.

Because the WordPress is an “open source” platform you are always the owner of your website. In the past the “coders” who created websites from HTML codes always held ownership over your website. If you wanted to change website hosts then you had to start all over again. But WordPress, gave their users the creative freedom to have permanent access and power over their own creative websites. The ability to even clone and duplicate a website and place it in different countries to meet different audience demands has made WordPress a leader in website development. In September, 2017, this is exactly what the Obstetric Sonography website did.  It now has a sister website in the US with access to another unique market of Sonographers seeking professional development.  (Obstetric Sonography Review)

If you are considering a website for your business or personal, creative expression to share, then trust that WordPress is made for you. Contact us at Creative 33 when you are ready to get started …  the world is waiting for your awesomeness!


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