5 Essential Plugins Every WordPress Website Should Have

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A website is an interesting combination of unique design on the “front end” and yet, a “solid” static platform on the backend, acting as a stable foundation upon which your website runs.  So here is my essential list of 5 plugins that every website should run if it is to be responsible for “hosting” your business.

1. Cornerstone

Cornerstone was developed by the Tech genius’s over at Themeco who developed the X Theme. It allows the user to create and edit their website with a “front end” view of what they are editing. This one feature alone, makes this plugin a gem because it has made it super easy for the non-tech-website owner to make their own amendments and add new images

2. Yoast SEO

This plugin has over 1 million downloads to its credit; so it is high on the list of dependable plug ins. It provides a flexibility to amend and manipulate the meta data that Google searches for and displays to the browsing public. This means your “keywords” can be sent to the front of the que in your main title.

3. W3 Cache

Another plugin that rules the WordPress community is this caching plug in. It has the capacity to keep your page, database and browser history clean and slick and up to date. For your front-end visitors, this translates into dramatically improved loading times of opening pages and the appearance of images. The user experience is an essential asset to every website.

4. Backup Buddy

It’s amazing how many websites don’t have a backup schedule as part of their essential development. Your website is vulnerable to a relentless bombardment of “hacking” from all parts of the world. To have a schedule where your website is constantly keeping the newest versions recorded and storing them remotely off the server is a no brainer. Backup Buddy is a must.

5. Google Analytics

You may well have the best-looking website out there, but if you are not converting searchers to clients then it is a waste of time and energy. Google analytics is an essential tool to track your website visitors and their behavior once landing on your page. At least then, your adjustments to website design or features is done with some insight and not just a “guestimate”.

Well there you have it. If your website developer is not including these essential plugins in your business’s website, then you are not utilizing the full capacity of your website. The best part of all, is that four of these plugins offer free versions. The fifth, being Cornerstone can be purchased separately for as little as US$39, or if buying the X Theme it is included for free.

For further information about how to add these plugins to your website, please contact me at Creative 33.


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